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Highlighting the silenced voices of society, through storytelling.

Featured Episodes


Jordan Gonsalves
Shame of Gay Identity

Shaun T Headashot.jpeg

Shaun T
Sexual Abuse Survival

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor- Credit - Michael C

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
Shame of Stroke Survival

The Host

Jordan Gonsalves

As an Indian-American raised Catholic and in Texas, I spent most of my life ashamed of being gay. There was no representation of anyone like me. After a life changing trip to my family's homeland in India, I realized my shame was never actually mine; it was society's shame projected on to me. Unshaming is about all the the powerful stories of other people that center around this same revelation.

I'm a journalist, but at my core, I'm a storyteller. I dream of one day taking the message of Unshaming to mainstream audiences. I’m not an expert on shame but more so a student. So while you’re listening, learning, and unshaming, I will be too.

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