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The Team


Roshumba Llewellyn Art Director

Roshumba is a black, queer, immigrant woman who grew up in a low income family. As such, she lives an intersectional experience, daily, and is no stranger to otherness. She is driven by a sense of heritage to the communities that share her identities, and seeks to represent their authentic joy as a direct counter to prominent narratives of struggle against dominant culture and oppressive power structures. She strives for a world in which marginalized communities are visible in their full, complex, nuanced, and joyful experience. In art directing this project, she sought to depict a bold, rich, yet vulnerable group of unshamers, who have traversed the varied topography of hiding to arrive at their wholeness and truth.


Roshumba would like you to check out @artqueerhabibi an illustrator she's recently encountered on Instagram. They are an anonymous artist who depicts everyday LGBTQ life in the Middle East and North Africa, where being openly queer is is incredibly dangerous. Read about them here and support at their link in bio.


Ronald Hinton | Social Media

Ronald is a proud queer, Afro-Latino artist and entrepreneur born and raised in the projects of NYC. Having started acting at the age of 11, creativity and leadership have always been a part of his journey. With a belief that media is the most influential medium of change, he founded Shared Soil Productions in 2020 with a goal of telling authentic stories that amplify QBIPOC voices. He loves the message of Unshaming because it’s rooted in deeper, more nuanced representation of marginalized communities. He's passionate about pushing the boundaries in which young people learn learn about, share information on, and discuss shame.


Nick Sexton Marketing

Nick grew up queer in a Catholic household in New Jersey. Nick is also a storyteller: a former member of the Asian American Journalists Association, writer for; and creator of a documentary platform he built while in university. In helping amplify this project, Nick has been excited to bring "unshaming" into the common vernacular: to "unshame" different family structures, value systems, and more. There are many taboo topics and identities out in the world that are ripe for unshaming and he's happy to support a project that asks listeners to question: why have we as a society decided that x particular identity or circumstance is deserving of stigma, and how can we liberate ourselves to live a more free, less judgmental life?


Mina Kwong | Photography

Mina is a photographer based in San Francisco originally from Hong Kong. She focuses on landscapes and portraits. Unshaming, to her, means owning her identity without guilt. She often reminds herself to love each part of her body, identity and culture and be truly confident and accepted for who she is. Check out her portfolio here​.


Everett Huerta | Photography

I chose to photograph for the unshaming podcast because I felt the need to capture the essence of these amazing human beings. They have been through Hell and back. To see them now enjoying life while looking back and speaking about their stories, truly inspires me. Follow him on Instagram here.

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