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unshaming |uhn-shey-ming|

the practice of dismantling shame through acceptance, representation, and liberation.

What is Unshaming?
Unshaming is a podcast founded on the belief that shame exists because representation doesn’t. You'll hear the stories of people ostracized from society, people who have hidden themselves due to fear of rejection, judgement, and violence — now loudly visible. You should listen if you are fascinated and inspired by the perseverance of the human spirit.

What is shame?
Shame is a universal experience; all of us are ashamed of something. My definition of shame is "the fear of rejection that stems from an underlying belief that we are unloveable as we are." Often times, the shame we carry doesn't actually belong to us. It's projected onto us by society and our communities, and it grows in isolation. Unshaming seeks to dismantle this through representation and storytelling.


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